Born in sunny Donegal, Ireland, Shireeka Devlin was a rainbow coloured fish-princess living In a tiny little pond of bland, colourless fish-people. One day she decided she wanted to make human clothes. Clothes that were as vividly, vibrantly, vivacious as she was, but the drab fishys of the village didn't understand; they were so used to wearing what they thought everyone else wanted them to wear. They were scared of Shireeka's radical 'alternative' animal prints and colourful garms.

One day Shireeka was busy working away in her subterranean studio/ evil death-palace when she got a visit from a wise old space-tortoise. 'Shireeka, your clothes have the ability to bring happiness to millions of people.' said the aged reptile. 'But how?' replied Shireeka, 'you must go on an adventure to a far away land, a land called London'. 'Lon-don, what is Lon-don?' The tortoise smiled, 'London is a place where people drink overpriced coffee, go to former crack-dens and fornicate with complete strangers: It is a place where dreams are made, your dreams!'

So she rode all the way to London on the back of a rainbow coloured wave and, when it receded, Shireeka emerged, not a fish anymore but a woman: A woman with a dream, and a shit-load of crazy-ass prints, ready to change the way the world looked at fashion. To see it as a way of expressing the person you are, not the person the world wants you to be.

Since transforming into a human fashion designer Shireeka a first class honours degree in BA: Hons: Fashion Design Technology: Print at London College of Fashion and later that same year she won a prestigious WSGN Global Fashion Award in the Future Designer category (the first fish-woman to receive the honour). Also having done collaborations with Vidal Sassoon and Urban Outfitters, as well as working with Masha Ma, Mary Katrantzou and Paul's Boutique.

Shireeka is currently a Producer at fashion talent company Mastered and is currently working on her third collection. Not bad for a little Irish fish...